Do it yourself (DIY) – How to make your scarf

Do it yourself (DIY) – How to make your scarf

Are you stressing about not being able to buy that scarf that you have always wanted because you have other commitments and can’t allow yourself not to use that money you saved? Worry not, for we are here with a solution for you! Guess what; it’s so easy like singing Doh Reh Mi Fa! We are going to show you, with just a few steps how to make your own scarf from all the things that you have at your disposal. You don’t have to buy anything that is expensive or something you think you cannot afford. With this stuff at your disposal, you will be thanking us for a lifetime for saving you a lot of money! And for wondering why in the heck you did not know these secrets!

First of all, we are going to share with you the very many benefits of Do It Yourself projects, and you will see the reason why it’s worth it in the long run, even though it will take up most of your time, but it will be worth it! You can make a handmade pashmina scarf gift for a friend or a loved one, this will further show the commitment that you put into doing it, and it’s usually received with loads and loads of love!

Making your scarf will cost you less money, you will also learn something very new, and you will have fun while doing it. And once you find out that you are good at it, imagine making money out of your hard work! You can opt to sell them out to get extra cash, and you will never go wrong with this one! You can either go to your store and buy a material or get into your wardrobe and choose a not so used t-shirt and transform it into a scarf! In this section, we are going to use a t-shirt that is no longer worn but still in excellent condition. Here are the things that you will need to make your scarf from the comfort of your home or own space: scissors, and a t-shirt from your wardrobe. You can choose a color that you want, it all depends on you.

Make sure that you have sharp scissors. Once you have this, go to your workstation, be sure that it’s flat for easy cutting and designs. One can make many different designs; it all depends on how creative one can be. Place the t-shirt on the flat surface, and then cut off the hand section so that it becomes sleeveless. After that, cut off the upper part that goes to the neck, and voila! You have a scarf right there in front of you! From here, one can decide to get creative and go all bananas on the scarf. You can choose to make fringes on the lower part by cutting it into strips, or one can decide to cut the remaining part and make it into a long straight scarf. It all depends on your creativity!

It’s as easy as ABCD… Let’s get creative!

Cool Teen Fashions Trends

The Prep was a fashion style that started back in the 70s and has yet to lose its luster. It began as a style wore by kids who were in preparatory schools to show that they came from homes with excess wealth. This fashion was coined “preppy” because so many people started dressing this way to look like they were better off financially than they really were. Today this look is associated with more professional attire for teens.

“Preppy” is a classic and conservative look that is very easy to pull off. Plaids, pastels and earth tones make up the colors most often used with this style. Tops include button-downs, polo tees, or any color shirt. Mixing tops with khaki or denim bottoms complete this look. Pleated dress pants and below the knee shirts are seen mostly with this style. Conservative hair accessories such as berets with small flowers or plaid designs look great with this style. Loafers of tennis shoes make a great match with this style as well.

The Punk

The Punk fashion turned up in the late 70s was a pure rebellious dress. But over the years it has molded into what we see now. It went through its heavy metal transformation in the 80s and is thriving through rockers and skaters everywhere today. Early on this style was associated with tee shirts with very offensive slogans. Most of the clothing (even new) was torn.

Today’s punk has a very familiar yet different style. Many dye their hair very bright colors such as neon, bright reds, blues, purples, and greens. Mohawks and crew cuts are mostly seen with this style. Many have dreadlock hair that they tie plastic hoses and caution tape to. Tattoos are another accessory most often seen with the punk style. For teens, Washable tattoos look realistic without the permanency. Spiked dog collar chokers and wrist bracers top of this look. Many people have numerous piercings too.

Alternative styles are also sub-fashions of the Punk style. The only difference is the long hair and band orientated clothing. They wear skater shoes such as D.C.s and baggy jeans.

The Hip hop

Hip hop fashion started in the Bronx by African Americans. It later was influenced by rappers of the west coast. Hip hop made it cool to wear oversized sports affiliated clothing. To dress hip hop you have to baggy jeans that rest at waist level with no belt. Tucked the front of your shirt in and let the shirttail hand out of the back. Many had black ink tattoos of extravagant pictures on their biceps and wore bandanas. Large gold and silver jewelry is a common accessory. Long thick chains with oversized “charms” are worn with multiple rings. Grills, jewelry fashioned teeth to wear over your teeth, are also worn. Untied boots top off this look.

With the hip hop scene trending towards “old school” from the 80s, the hip hop fashion is slowly moving from oversized extravagance to slim fit jeans, polo shirts, hoodies, and trucker hats. The newest hip hop fashion looks more like that of a hip hop/ alternative style.

The Casual Individual

We can’t forget the casual individual style. Most people end up just wearing whatever they find cheap. The Casual style is simple: a comfortable pair of jeans with a loose-fitting tee shirt. You grab a pair of shoes that feel the best and out the door, you go. Anything you wear is your own style and there is nothing wrong with that. Be your own trendsetter!

No matter what your style is you can make any style cool teen fashions for little or no cash if you are know-how. You don’t have to spend a million to look like a million!

Top 10 Fashion Tips For 2020

The arrival of the new year also comes from new trends in fashion and as we say goodbye to all that was in 2019 (a lot of shorts, knee socks, leather lace, and cut the clothes) now say hello to fashion trends and tips for 2020. Below are the 10 top tips for the best fashion advice you can give to anyone at any time of year.

Choose clothes that fit your body

No matter what brand clothing trends and fashion-forward buying if it will not compliment your body, then you better put it back on the grid store!

In jewelry: Less is not always more

(For men) should not be further customized, use no more than 3 pieces of jewelry. Silver is becoming very popular these days, so you might want to invest.

(For women) Less is not always more especially during the summer, you can customize summer clothes with big and bold accessories. Wooden beads and citrus-colored bracelets are a good sight during the summer.

In the winter: Accessorize!

During cold weather add a little pop of color to the outdoors, you can customize with sweaters and scarves, make sure to match your team though! Try to mix and match things if you are wearing tight jeans right then a big sweater will be a good contrast and complement their thin legs.

Keep your shoes and belts looking again:

Shoes and belts can catch the attention of others to make sure you invest in a good pair of shoes and a nice belt and make sure they are kept clean and bright – there is nothing worse than a pair of muddy boots combined with a fancy dress!

If you look the part then you have to smell the part.

There is no use in looking great if you smell something like the cat dragged in. So if you take the time and invest in what you are using and what will then make sure you add some good perfume, cologne or aftershave.

Skinny jeans are still on!

Yes! Skinny jeans are still on! Especially with Katy Perry singing “Let’s put your hands on me in my skin-tight pants, so do not throw your skinny jeans yet! Nothing is as free as a good pair of high-waisted, ankle exposed, tight jeans.

The dancer is in the spotlight!

With films like “The Black Swan ‘win fashion, fashion inspired by the ballet is sure to make your own fashion in the fashion industry. Since joint dancers inspired tutus and tights, we will be seeing a lot of dancers in this year.

Summer fashion tips:

In the summer be sure to wear loose clothing that is made of natural fabrics and colors, printed caftan would be doing a wave of this year. For a bit of style and functionality, a wide-brimmed hat will keep UV rays away hard and keep you looking stylish.

Add color in the winter:

Spring color sweater should add some color during the winter white. Be sure to bring warm clothing printed glossy-only to have it mixed with all the snow.

Search online!

For the latest fashion news and trends, always check online, this is the most updated fashion information. Also, try to look and see what celebrities are wearing these days. On the one hand, everyone I mean everyone will be looking at what the future princess Kate Middleton takes “in order to try and see what she’s wearing and buy quickly before the stores run out!

Show Off Your Elegance and Stunning Style with Different Styles and Types of Women’s Watches

Ladies watch is one of the most sought-after fashion accessories for women on account of the fact that women from various walks of life and different dispositions prefer to wear a watch, no matter what the occasion be, no matter what their outfits be! Women’s watch is equally good when teamed with casual wear or professional outfits. Whether you are planning to go shopping, movie, work or the gym; a watch is a must-have for all occasions. Many women are tagged as watch collectors because they simply want to possess a watch for every occasion, and they literally have a wristwatch to match with all their dresses, seasons and event!

Let’s take a look at what makes a watch befall under a compulsive add-on to all your outfits-

Elegant and Classic Watches to accompany graceful dresses

When you wear a graceful and classic dress, an elegant simple-looking watch with a leather strap fastened to your waist adds to your appeal. More than a timepiece, a watch has become a fashion statement for many! Classic watches usually have a light-colored dial with numerals in Roman. Since ages, it has been a necessary item for most women.

Precious Gold plated and diamond-studded women’s watches

More than words can say; precious watches are the most desired possessions of all women. Depending on your budget, you can get a precious watch with as many embellishments as your pocket size allows. Precious watches usually have 18 kg gold or some diamonds on the dial. They are suitable for all formal and well-brought-up gatherings and events. They are equally teamed with jeans, gowns, and skirts.

Funky and Stylish Women’s Watch to Brag Your Flair

There are several funky watch designs available in the market with dials in different and asymmetric shapes. The color of the watch and the strap also adds to its funkiness. There are some stylish watches presently in a rage with neon straps and vivid-colored dials. You would also find extra-large dials or the minuscule designs that make the watch and you look smart!

Jewelry Watches for Women Who Like To Spread Charm

Many jewelry watches are available in the women’s fashion market at present that looks more like a bracelet than a watch. Adorned with delicate superfluities, they are apt for parties and functions where you wear a dress with heavy metallic embellishments. They don’t just add charm to the women’s personality; such watches also look gorgeous for their exquisite designs.

Seasonal Watches to Complement Every Occasion

For some seasons and festivals, fashion and style world have obvious patterns to follow in. you will come across many orange watches that glow in the dark and have a dial that looks much like a pumpkin when the Halloween is approaching. During autumn, watches get a maple leave print. Similarly, when Christmas is around the corner, one would easily find many red and white watches with a reindeer print on the dial and snowflakes printed on the strap. That’s how a watch can help to welcome the season with superfluous joy and acceptance.

With all such available options in the world of watches, women at times have a tough time to find the watch to suit their needs. But a little research and patience before shelling out on what comes first, women can have a collection of watches to suit each and every occasion and look just-perfect each day!