Do it yourself (DIY) – How to make your scarf

Do it yourself (DIY) – How to make your scarf

Are you stressing about not being able to buy that scarf that you have always wanted because you have other commitments and can’t allow yourself not to use that money you saved? Worry not, for we are here with a solution for you! Guess what; it’s so easy like singing Doh Reh Mi Fa! We are going to show you, with just a few steps how to make your own scarf from all the things that you have at your disposal. You don’t have to buy anything that is expensive or something you think you cannot afford. With this stuff at your disposal, you will be thanking us for a lifetime for saving you a lot of money! And for wondering why in the heck you did not know these secrets!

First of all, we are going to share with you the very many benefits of Do It Yourself projects, and you will see the reason why it’s worth it in the long run, even though it will take up most of your time, but it will be worth it! You can make a handmade pashmina scarf gift for a friend or a loved one, this will further show the commitment that you put into doing it, and it’s usually received with loads and loads of love!

Making your scarf will cost you less money, you will also learn something very new, and you will have fun while doing it. And once you find out that you are good at it, imagine making money out of your hard work! You can opt to sell them out to get extra cash, and you will never go wrong with this one! You can either go to your store and buy a material or get into your wardrobe and choose a not so used t-shirt and transform it into a scarf! In this section, we are going to use a t-shirt that is no longer worn but still in excellent condition. Here are the things that you will need to make your scarf from the comfort of your home or own space: scissors, and a t-shirt from your wardrobe. You can choose a color that you want, it all depends on you.

Make sure that you have sharp scissors. Once you have this, go to your workstation, be sure that it’s flat for easy cutting and designs. One can make many different designs; it all depends on how creative one can be. Place the t-shirt on the flat surface, and then cut off the hand section so that it becomes sleeveless. After that, cut off the upper part that goes to the neck, and voila! You have a scarf right there in front of you! From here, one can decide to get creative and go all bananas on the scarf. You can choose to make fringes on the lower part by cutting it into strips, or one can decide to cut the remaining part and make it into a long straight scarf. It all depends on your creativity!

It’s as easy as ABCD… Let’s get creative!